TV and audio restoration


We stock a very large supply of New and NOS electronic components including used chassis and parts for many makes and models. Contact us for more information on your repair or restoration. Stellar Electronics offers a full restoration and repair service for 1920s-1970s vintage radios, classic car and truck radios, particularly specializing in 50s and 60s era High Fidelity, Stereo Consoles, and early component stereo receivers, amplifiers, and turntables.




Stellar specializes in most stereo component repair and restoration, including Pioneer, Marantz, Kenwood, and others.

Common component receiver issues include missing or intermittent channels, noisy controls, weak reception, and no power conditions.

We also repair and restore all turntables and record changers.

Vintage televisions

Philco Predicta Continental, as delivered. 98% complete but dismantled, with heavy weather damage. The owner of this set, John Fowlie of Big M Automotive, had obtained it from another gentleman who had picked it up in front of the Capri Motel in Williams, CA some time in the 90s during the motel’s renovation. With the best of intentions, he had set about dismantling the the TV in order to restore it, at which point it was decided to be much too large a project and was given to John. It sat dismantled for around two decades until the he was able to connect with us in order to bring it back to new condition. It seemed to have quite a bit of weather & water damage and the front plastic faceplate was badly scratched and damaged. Before and after full restoration:




The set received a new finish on front and legs and a fresh woodgrain photo finish over the masonite portions, cabinet structural repair, NOS grille cloth, new speaker and backing, polished brightwork, screen faceplate chip repair and restoration and a full chassis dismantling, rebuild, and realignment.