Picture Tubes

This is our current stock of vintage CRTs available for sale.

Tubes are used, unless indicated as NOS (New Old Stock.) Electromagnetic deflection tubes are checked for acceptable emission, shorts, and decent life test with a CRT tester. Electrostatic tubes (7JP4 and similar) are checked on an operating chassis. No rejuvenated tubes. Prices reflect shipping to continental Western U.S. Will ship via FedEx Ground, expertly packaged, and only CRTs up to 19″, including 21″ 110 degree CRTs. 90 degree tubes and larger are local pickup only. We highly recommend uShip.com for help locating a courier, and will provide packaging for larger CRTs adequate for blanket shipment. For shipping East of the Rockies, add 20% to overall price. No international shipping.

To order, send us an inquiry and we will forward you a to our secure checkout via Paypal. All credit/debit cards are accepted.

Check back often, the stock is always changing.

3KP1 (green phosphor 3KP4 replacement) $85
5QP4 (NOS) $75
7JP1 (green phosphor 7JP4 replacement) $65
8BP4 $110
8XP4 $75
10M254P7M (NOS) $450
10WP7 (NOS) $65
19EYP22 (NOS) $150
21ATP4 $75 (Local Pickup)
21ZP4 $75 (Local Pickup)
24DP4A (Rauland)
21AXP22 (RCA Colorama in period box) $800

24″ and up assorted CRTs available at $75 each. Inquire for stock. You arrange for pickup.

Contact us using the form below, and please leave feedback at the bottom of the page!

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