Past Colorsets

1957 Halolight Blonde Tabletop

1957 Halolight Blonde Tabletop, refinished in Heywood Wakefield “Champagne”

Cabinet was custom refinished by the buyer, Shane O’ Brien at Hepcat Restorations of Sacramento to compliment their vintage Heywood Wakefield bedroom set. Check out their blog!


1957 Colorset in Blonde

RF & HDMI input, remote control, and functional power front panel buttons.

(Thank you to Rocket Fizz, Bossier City Boardwalk, Louisiana)

1958 Halolight

1958 Halolight

Colorset configured with remote control and HDMI, NOS Grille cloth and adapted as a tabletop unit.

(Thank you Zak Bagans Haunted Museum Las Vegas)

“The Peacock” 1964 Console

“The Peacock”
1964 Console

Colorset custom configured as tuner & record changer delete, with custom media box.


1958 Super 200 Console

1958 Admiral Super 200 Console in Mahogany

Configured for Remote Control-only operation with dummy TV knobs, RF and 1080p HDMI input. Original finish and NOS grille cloth.

1959 Slimline

1959 Slimline in Danish Modern cabinet

This set was shipped in by a customer, having been previously converted from B&W with an LCD Monitor. We revamped it using a color CRT with heavy internal cabinet modification and a period correct plastic CRT rear cover extension. HDMI option included. Our customer, Terry Hare, maintains a blog on MCM livin’…. check it out! Thanks Terry!

1958 Imperial 400

1958 Admiral “Imperial 400” in Blonde
RF, Composite and HDMI ready with remote control.

1963 Tabletop

1963 Zenith Tabletop
RF, HDMI & Remote Control operation. –SOLD
(Thank you Bass Pro Shops, Talladega, AL)

“The Lancer” 1957 Model Year

 “The Lancer”
Remote Control, HDMI. Functional Power Button with built-in wireless headphone transmitter and four headsets. Purchased by Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA for their new Pat Boone exhibit.

1963 Danish Modern Console

1963 Danish Modern

Colorset configured with remote control, RF, composite, and HDMI.

1958 UltraVision Tabletop

1958 GE UltraVision Tabletop

This set was on loan as part of the deYoung’s “Summer of Love” exhibition in 2017. The set was purchased by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and custom configured with operational volume & power knobs, USB Media Center, and a headphone jack.

“The Skyline Modern” 1957 Model Year

1957 Zenith “The Skyline Modern”
Remote Control, and custom configured with HDMI, Component and USB Input with built-in media control center

1970 Danish Modern

RCA Danish Modern
Functional front panel power, volume, remote control, RF and HDMI inputs.

1959 Convertible Consolette
Colorset configured with operational power knob, remote control, HDMI & RF inputs. Adaptable into table model with removable legs.

Predicta Debutante
Colorset configured with operational power & volume knob, remote control, HDMI, composite & RF inputs.

1963 Halolight
Colorset configured with updated LED Halolight, remote control, HDMI, composite & RF inputs.

1958 Console in Blonde

1958 Westinghouse
Colorset configured with operational power & volume, remote control, RF & HDMI

1957 Tabletop
Colorset configured with operational power knob, remote control, HDMI & RF inputs.

1958 Tabletop in Blonde
Colorset configured with operational power & volume knob, remote control, HDMI, composite & RF inputs.

1953 Hi-Fi Combo with Bluetooth
Configured with a built-in DVD player behind the front emblem, RF, HDMI, remote control. Restored three speed phonograph with Bluetooth.

“The Viceroy”
1967 Model year colorset with beautiful mid century modern styling, real hardwood cabinet with hand rubbed finish. Configured for a Las Vegas museum installation for HDMI only with remote control.


Copperfield Museum Las Vegas

Custom built sets for David Copperfield’s private museum of Magic in Las Vegas. Each set was chosen to stand in independent exhibits playing back video highlighting both David’s own personal collection of effects and stage used magical paraphernalia and careers of many well known Magicians of the 20th century– including The Great Cardini, Richiardi Jr, Channing Pollock, and others. Many of these were full restoration and conversions, including original Masterwork series CRT based conversions and Masterwork II series LCD conversions. Each of the sets (12 total, others not pictured) we designed with special rigging to make each appear to levitate when combined with special lighting inside the museum. Custom configured with HDMI and a USB media center. Thanks David!

NBC News Offices New York

Custom built set to run in NBC’s new offices and intended to run their live news feed. This console was custom configured as record player delete with a discreet media bay installed. This set was also used as a centerpiece for the 2019 Presidential Debates. 


1968 Airline Danish Modern
Custom built for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Apollo exhibit, opening June 2019. Colorset configured for remote control, HDMI & RF inputs.

Three of six sets

Built to fit in with the 70s retro theme in the newly renovated El Chanate at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah.

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