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New Colorsets for December

Are you digging the December chill? We’ve just turned up some great new sets which are sure to help make your hep haven cooler than ever before!

Three Spellbinders! The ’56 Zenith “Eye”, ’63 RCA Consolette, and the super cool ’58 UltraVision are that magic touch your living room’s been missing.

If these styles aren’t enough, then how about these two Danish Modern treasures? The ’66 Admiral Hi-Fi combination and the ’68 Montgomery Wards. Prefer something in Blonde? you might appreciate this one-owner ’57 Zenith.


All of these sets except for the ’58 GE Ultravision are currently available built-to-order. Custom options are always available!

’57 Motorola Color Conversion

The Latest Stellar Masterwork Series Retro Color TV based on the 1957 Motorola 21K126B. Full 1 year warranty, HDMI ready with remote control and functional front power button. 3 month layaway available! Shown on display at Googietime Fabulous Fifties Furnishings inside the Midway Antique Mall.

New Masterwork Series Colorset For Sale

Hot out of the shop: we’ve just finished up another Masterwork Retro Color TV. Based on the 1958 GE Ultra Vision, we’ve fully modernized the electronics and updated to color.


Stellar’s Masterwork Series of Retro Color TVs are seamless updated adaptations, intended to bring the classic vintage styling into today, with modern technology and reliability. Every unit is a one-off custom built work of art.

CRT screens are notoriously difficult to photograph, as interference patterns appear which do not to the naked eye, as in the photos shown. The cabinet is in near mint condition. Front panel volume and power buttons are fully functional, and the set is remote-control operated.


This set comes standard with RF and composite inputs. Seamless HDMI functionality available at additional cost.


We have a number of vintage television sets which can also be updated like this listed in our Vintage TVs For Sale section. We can also convert your own vintage TV or empty cabinet!

All Masterwork Retro Colorsets come with an industry standard 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Financing and layaway are also available. Come see the set on display inside Googietime Fabulous Fifties Furnishings, located inside the incomparable Midway Antique Mall here in Sacramento.

Sparton Mirror-Lid TV (1949)


Feeling ultimately modest about your electronics? You can’t beat this 1949 Sparton Mirror-Lid TV from 1949. Very Deco, and very understated, but have you ever seen a TV set on which you’re looking at a reflection of a vertically-mounted picture tube? An echo of pre-WWII television design; mounting the picture tube vertically allows the cabinet to have a very shallow profile, and not stick out very far from the wall.

The sound on this set is just amazing, too. Large speaker with a powerful amp really fills the entire room; absolutely wonderful for listening to original artists sing their top Doo Wop hits from a cassette of PBS’s Doo-Wop 51, as we were today! The picture is so clear and sharp you have to see it to believe it. On display at Midway Antique Mall.