About Stellar

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img_6777Stellar began in 2002 as a storefront in Gardnerville, Nevada servicing PCs, televisions, and electronics under contract with Best Buy and Wal Mart, as well as to the public. The business slowly evolved into the much more specialized field it is today, which is in the restoration and preservation of historical electronics.

The Stellar Team are vintage and retro aficionados and appreciate fine detail. We get a great deal of satisfaction from practicing the lost art of quality craftsmanship.


The owner, Magnus Rubsam, has many years of experience working with tube radios, amps and televisions from the 30s to the 60s, as well as solid state equipment, An active member of the early television collector and restorer community, he specializes in early electronics restoration and preservation, as well as custom color conversions.

Magnus is a member of the California Historical Radio Society, and is also a journeyman Goldsmith. He was a resident of northern Nevada for 26 years before moving to California in 2011 to pursue the larger interest of vintage and antique equipment restoration.


Our showroom is located inside the incomparable Midway Antique Mall which is open 12-6 on the weekdays and 10-6 on the weekends. The front counter will assist with all pick ups and drop offs.

Contact us using the email form below.

Map us:

Stellar Electronics
5130 Madison Ave
Sacramento, CA 95841

(916) 491-9210

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