Following up on the progress on the 1951 Zenith Porthole sent in by Rich in New Zealand, check out the arrival and unpackaging if you haven’t already!

Part 1

Had a chance to pull the chassis and have a look today. Everything’s very clean and complete, and we had already determined last time that the CRT is going to be useable. Looks like the TV was home to a mouse at one time judging by all the debris found after removing the chassis… fortunately, none of the wiring is chewed through as I’ve seen with other such “fluff and circumstance.”

zenith porthole chassis zenith porthole chassis zenith porthole chassiszenith porthole chassis underside

Very clean! Chassis does not appear to have had any repair or modifications save the large yellow dry electrolytic hanging underneath: left and center.

Rauland 16GP4 tube sticker

Original sticker off of the CRT will be re-adhered once everything is cleaned and back together.